Lock The Basement is a one man industrial band founded by Andrea Noah Boma Boccarusso in 2015.
After many years of listening to metal, shred and progressive stuff Andrea discovered industrial music, especially Nine Inch Nails. Under Trent Reznor's influence Andrea decides to make is own way to industrial and starts to write songs in a diffrent way than usual.

In the same year Andrea wrote and recorded the debut album: "Loading Your Personal Twat". A concept album about the life of a young man in a hypothetical future society where legal virtual holographic prostitution has compromised lifes far beyond sexual behaviors. The city slowly becomes claustrophobic, the routine is unbearable. Everything leads to unhappiness, alienation and finally extinction.

The album would be released on September 20, 2016.

In 2017 Boma decided to record some covers in the style of Lock The Basement in a heavier vibe than the previous record. So he worked on 9 covers and he released the 2nd LTB's album: "Distance In Outer Space". The gorgeous artwork is made by Jakub Skop, who drawn the exact Andrea had about the concept of the artwork he was looking for

The album would be released on September 17, 2017.